This marks the Anniversary

June 6, 2009 at 3:30 am (Personal) (, , )

Just a word in edgewise. (I haven’t even made a 2nd scheduled post and I’m breaking tradition)

tankmanOne Mans plight against an Evil Engine

This is one issue that’s been heavy on my heart for the last week. If you follow the news at all you would have heard reports of Chinas response to the upcoming (and now past June 4 FYI) Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. In preparation, China blocked all international media seeking to cover the event, and blocked off basic networking sites on the internet like twitter and Hotmail. Hotmail for crying out loud. This is without mentioning the forcive imprisonment of people that did so much as participate in the original protest… it all sickens me. How can we tout the nation behind this as the worlds greatest superpower?

Let me once again speak from the heart (I get a little poetic too…)

Nazi Germany, White Australia, Tiananmen Square,
the Demons inside of us must be exorcised,
containing them does naught but let them destroy us.
War is a terrible thing,
but the ideals they are waged upon are sometimes the most noble,
the evils they are waged against must be held to account.
On these days, remember the ones who have at the least suffered,
at the most paid their lives as the price to gift us the freedoms that we take for granted.
Don’t let them have died in vain.

Ghosts of Tiananmen Square,
you may be in limbo now,
but you will find your solace one day.

I just feel sorry that these words may never reach anyone where it really matters, blocked behind a Red Firewall



  1. thephilologist said,

    I found it extremely ironic that on the 4th, the Chinese government expressed concerns over the treatment of foreign students in Australia (with the latest racist attacks on Indians).

    The Chinese government was concerned about the welfare of students.

    Just a tad ironic.

    • realissimo said,

      I couldn’t agree with you more…
      to think how different the world would be if China had the needs of their people at the forefront… instead of this “nationalism”

      and Mattel recalls another batch of lead laden toys…

  2. sto67 said,

    governments dont say anything about tiannamen square because china is the #1 exporter of raw materials and labour in the world. there isn’t much that can be said that china will take to heart because china has the most power in terms of resources. bad relations with china means it could very well cost them economically.
    when it comes to what matters most, people tend to forgo other people’s wellbeing before their own even if they seem to be moral people. also a country will never put its principles before its own people.
    human behaviour sucks like that

    • realissimo said,

      Not to mention that China pretty much has the US in their pocket financially

      But what I can’t argue with is yes, that is the way of the world… do I believe it to be right however? You don’t have to be a mind reader to know that one…
      It’s… difficult to rationalise to black and white

      Thank goodness Australia doesn’t follow Chinas example of government

  3. mirjavlon said,

    that guy’s a real HERO!!!

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