Thread Revival

March 15, 2010 at 9:38 pm (Informative, Personal) ()

At the behest of my lovely other half, I’ve been convinced to start blogging again.

I had originally intended this to be a therapy/ranty blog (as you plainly saw) but I guess it can take a different tack now.

Although it may not seem like it, much has changed since you last read about me.

I’ve spent a wonderful (just) 9months with my new partner in life.
Worked just over 6months in a new job at a dealership of one of the more famous German Car Makers (most importantly with driving privileges!)
Developed a newfound love of plastic hobbies, both gun and model car related.
And perhaps one of the most important of all, put together a scrapbook of the things I’ve held onto as measure to combat this forgetful and fragmented mind of mine.

But still, life, is never complete. Or at least I thought I was? It’s funny how you need an outside influence in life to make the pertinent observation that perhaps you’ve become too complacent…

I have a set of uprated sway bars for my car that were purchased late last year that still haven’t been installed, and the spoiler I purchased round the same time is still awaiting the final coats before it can too.
Add to that one model car (among a whole pile that haven’t even been opened) that I haven’t completed and you get the picture that there is alot of unfinished business to be taken care of…

So here’s to the posts ahead, hopefully updated frequently enough with new and exciting blahblahblah “But wait! There’s More!” said with the flash of a toothy grin.

Stay tuned next week for a short story I’ve been cobbling together…


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