The Cult of Superficiality pt.2

March 20, 2010 at 1:05 am (Personal) (, , , , )

If you’ve followed my blog at all you’ll know that the pervading superficiality of this contemporary world has a special place in my uncharacteristically resentful heart.

Tonight, unfailingly, as I meet with my group of of friends, there is a special testosterone laden, bravado spouting side of them that likes to rear it’s egotistical head.
Mob mentality is such a horrible thing…

There was a particular situation described by a particular person (and if you are reading this, I can only hope you were either joking or drunk. At the same token I wouldn’t be shocked if you were not).

This person was wanting to meet a specific “hot” friend of another’s. But this person has a partner. Regardless, they filled us all in on the plan to leave their partner’s future birthday celebration (because it’s going to be boring anyway…) to hookup with this “hot” friend of a friend.

Is this really what’s inside?

Why are you with your partner at all then? Convenience?

Oh, the person you want to hook up with is “hot”.
I fail to see the point.

I Love my girlfriend for who she is, not because she is pretty. There will come a day inevitably when physically she will not be so.
The “ugliness” of aging.
And because I Love her for who she is, it will be irrelevant, and I will still Love her.
I can only hope that she can still Love me after the day I slowly but forcibly become less handsome than I already, tragically, am not.
I have little doubt in my heart because I know we realise that physical appearance has so little to do with why we are together.

To the rest of the superficial world out there I plead with you, stop chasing the next best thing. There will always be something prettier or more handsome as much as there are still people in the world.
Is the only thing you want to claim is that you have conquered their fickle bodies?

There will always be a younger prettier thing to go to. And this chase by it’s very nature will not end in fulfilment. It will only end in loneliness, as once your days of vanity are over, they will move on from you too.

I understand the view of what’s pretty & beautiful is different for everyone. But no matter what the object of desire is, if they are chased merely for this reason, it is futile.

Look instead for the things inside that you admire.
That transcend physical facade, and outlast any feature of, or on their body.

Because these are the things that you can hold on to, even past the day that the rest of the world does not find you beautiful, that person will.

The thing is, even if my particular “friend” is reading this, I know they’re scoffing at the sentiment. That is the saddest part of all.



  1. NYYG said,

    my greatest fear is the inner ugly. what can one do about that?

    • realissimo said,

      Unless you club baby seals for a living, and spend your weekends as hannibal lecter, you aren’t really that ugly…

      And if you really believe in some inner ugliness, You, and you alone possess the ability to change yourself. Don’t let complacency stop you.

  2. NYYG said,

    I think inner beauty is probably more fragile than outter beauty.

    Some people are really boring. Some people are nuts. Everyone is greedy. Everyone get’s angry pretty easily. Everyone is naturally racist. And when people get hungry or cold or lonely they get desperate and clingy.

    Inner beauty might be strength in the face of these things. But it’s a rare quality. And as with all rare quality. They rarely appear.

    We can all go out into the world and assume beauty. That’s a beautiful thing. but we might be delusional. and the thing is, if nobody tells us, we probably won’t know.


    • realissimo said,

      Fragile sure, but not fickle, and much less futile.
      We’re all naturally judgmental, but the kicker is how adherent we are to those judgements.
      Let’s face it, chinese people are cheap and loud,
      muslim extremists are likely to kill you in the name of religion,
      black people sing and dance very well while most white people have two left feet.

      When you start spouting crap like “chinks/arabs/n*ggers/crackers go home” Well, that isn’t racism anymore… that’s just pig-headedness

      Too much lord of the flies for you sir…
      Hope for the goodness, because delusional or not this is what keeps us going.

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