Who I am…

On the face of it, I am a generation Y Asian Male. This however is merely a facade, I personally will not have a bar of any of those things.

So to illustrate me, I give you three facets

In my character,

I am old fashioned, I am a romantic, I love things the way they used to be and they just don’t make them like they used to

I am not popular culture, I am times long gone, I am one of few, not of many.

In my mindset,

I am blue collar, I am practical, hands on, some say that I’m intelligent but they’re wrong. If you paid a little attention you’d know all the things I do

In my behaviour,

I am passionate, I am animated, I am vocal

Underneath this small asian man hides someone that is middle aged and selectively flamboyant

Look past the window dressing as that isn’t what’s for sale


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